The Hawk The Student News Site of Lincoln Southwest High School Tue, 14 Dec 2021 16:22:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How To Order A Cap And Gown Mon, 13 Dec 2021 14:40:58 +0000 With graduation coming up, it is important for seniors to order a cap and gown before the Feb. 1. deadline. By ordering early seniors will get their order on time without any additional fees, and this is how to do it in a few easy steps.


First, start off by going to the LSW homepage.


Then, seniors will click the “Cap and Gown Information” tab. After the tab is clicked, it will bring seniors to an information page, which shows basic information on ordering. After viewing that page, seniors will click the “Place Order” tab.


Clicking the button will take you to Signature Grad Products, where seniors will use their t-shirt size and height, to determine the size and length of the gown.


After picking their size, seniors can choose from different packages. Ranging from $38 – $129, these packages consist of graduation announcements, an upgraded tassel with the school’s mascot and return address labels. The more expensive the package the more it comes with.


“Having to order a cap and gown definitely makes graduation feel real, it definitely gave me butterflies when placing the order,” senior Sarah Farriator said.

Students can email if they have any questions regarding their order.

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The Victory of the LSW Debate Team Mon, 13 Dec 2021 14:40:07 +0000 On Saturday Dec. 8, the Lincoln Southwest debate team won the Millard West Debate Tournament.


In novice Congress, freshman Spencer Krenk took first place and freshman Kiet Duong took fifth place in house one. 


While in house, freshman Rawan Al-Ajeel took third place and sophomore Aiden Christensen sixth place speaker and first as a Presiding Officer. 


“I think it was really interesting as we had one less judge than normal,” sophomore Jack Anderson said “Everyone did really well. Our session had some really good speakers so I was very excited when I heard that I won as it was the first time that I got first place this year.”


In Varsity Congress Anderson took first place speaker, junior Ellie Weeks fourth place speaker, and junior Louis Quattrocchi sixth place speaker in house one. 


In house two, sophomore Adam Khattak took second place speaker and senior Eli Morales took fourth place.  


“Speaking wise, I did alright.  I was motivated by [sophomore] Kai [Sasaki], who said, ‘You’ll never win,’” Khattak said. “Over the week, I got really dedicated to writing speeches just to prove him wrong. I bet that I would buy him dinner if I didn’t place.”  


In novice Lincoln-Douglas, freshman Vittoria Quaranta was a quarterfinalist


Sophomore Richard Nguyen and junior Britton Teply were also quarter finalists in varsity Lincoln-Douglas. Teply was also the top speaker at his event in the tournament.


Sasaki and sophomore Mohamed Bakr were semi finalists in the novice Public Forum. Sasaki was also the sixth speaker.



In the varsity Public Forum seniors Loc Nguyen and Anton Angeletti were runners-up. Juniors Molly O’Brien and Cameron Coen were semifinalists. Nguyen was also the top speaker at varsity Public Forum at the tournament .

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Kinky Boots Runs Another Weekend Thu, 09 Dec 2021 15:17:27 +0000 Southwest Theatre’s production of the Tony Award winning musical “Kinky Boots” premiered on Thursday Dec. 2 at 7:00 p.m. There were performances the following Friday at 7:00 p.m. and two on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

“I’ve enjoyed the experience a lot, and I’ve enjoyed working with the people on cast and crew,” junior crew member Ryan Richert said. “It’s been a highlight of my time at high school.”

Southwest Theatre announced they were putting on their production of “Kinky Boots” after the theatre was selected by Music Theatre International, a theatrical licensing agency based in New York City, to put on the show. 

The original broadway production of the “Kinky Boots” soundtrack was composed by famous pop star Cyndi Lauper. The original production was nominated for 13 Tony Awards, winning six at the 2013 Tony Awards including Best Musical.  

“It was an amazing opportunity to be the first school in the nation to put on Kinky Boots and I’m honored to be part of the production,” senior cast member Charis Erickson said.

There will be three more performances of “Kinky Boots” on Dec. 9,10,11 at 7:00 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased at by searching Kinky Boots. Tickets cost $10 for students and $15 for adults


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Students Compete in Stock Market Challenge Thu, 09 Dec 2021 15:15:43 +0000 On Sept. 30, students participated in the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge. DECA and FBLA members, as well as those in the wealth building class, competed against other schools to buy and sell stocks.

In the challenge, 60 seconds represented one day, and teams competed in two rounds of “60 days.”

“The main goal of the stock market challenge was to give students an idea of how to invest, how quickly the markets can change and what that looks like for a stock broker in a real world situation,” DECA sponsor Mrs. Kathy Little said. “We had eight teams. Basically, everybody started out with $1 million, and it’s strictly based on return of investment.”

Students participated both virtually and in person, with some non-LPS schools competing from Innovation Campus at UNL.

“This year was my second year of competing in the challenge,” junior Nick Loriaux said. “I have been buying stock and investing for years, but the reason I first got into the area was my dad and grandfather encouraging me to grow my wealth.”

Southwest’s highest ranked team placed 40 of out 295 state-wide teams.

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First Snowfall Scheduled for Friday Thu, 09 Dec 2021 15:14:54 +0000 After a series of warm days this December in Lincoln, snow is reported to fall on Friday, Dec. 10. 


According to AccuWeather, there is a 49 percent chance that half an inch or a coating of snow will fall on Friday night. The high on Friday will be 38 degrees, with windchill it will feel like 32 degrees and the low will be 23 degrees. 


“The weather lately has been warmer than it typically is around this time,” said science teacher Mr. Charles Bittle, science teacher. “Human induced climate change is a complex thing. It isn’t just as simple as humans releasing carbon dioxide or methane into the atmosphere. There are systems involved which interact with each other at scales that can be difficult to comprehend.”


Next week, it will start to warm up again, the high being 64 degrees on Tuesday Dec. 14. The average high temperature in Lincoln during Dec. is 37 degrees. 


“It doesn’t even feel like December with all the warm weather,” junior Kenzie Mattox said. “There’s no snow or cold and it makes this month feel off. Hopefully it snows on Christmas though.”


There is a 20 percent chance of rain or snowfall on Dec. 25. 

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Indigenous People’s Day vs Columbus Day Sun, 28 Nov 2021 20:23:56 +0000 Indigenous People’s Day is a holiday celebrated on Oct. 11, the same day as Columbus Day. 

Indigenous People’s Day is meant to celebrate and honor Indigenous people and their cultures, whereas Columbus Day is meant to celebrate Christopher Columbus and his finding of America. 

Over a dozen states and 130 local governments have chosen to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day or celebrate them both together. This year is the first that Nebraska will officially celebrate Indigenous People’s Day along with Columbus Day.

More and more people are choosing to not celebrate Columbus Day for a variety of reasons. The holiday was first put in place to honor Christopher Columbus in being the person to discover the Americas. The issue with that is that Indigenous people had been living in the United States for thousands of years. They discovered it long before Columbus. According to an article published by The Atlantic titled “A New History of the First People in the Americas,” it was an estimated 20,000 years before, in fact. 

According to another article written for Penn Today, “Indigenous Views of Christopher Columbus,” many Indigenous people feel as though if people are going to celebrate the discovery of America, they should celebrate the millions of Natives that were there before Columbus. 

A second reason why people choose not to honor Columbus is because his “discovery” led to the genocide of Indigenous people. According to a study done by Yale University’s Genocide Studies Program, when Columbus arrived to the New World, he encountered the Taino people and their population was estimated to be over a million. When Columbus left, there were only 32,000 Taino people left. By honoring the discovery of America by Columbus, some people feel as though they are inadvertently celebrating the genocide of thousands of Indigenous people. To combat this feeling, they choose to only celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. 

However, some people choose to celebrate both. They recognize that Columbus did play a role in getting more people to America, yet it did have several harmful repercussions. They honor the Indigenous lives that were lost but still recognize that Columbus had an important role in history. 

I understand why people choose to respect both days. However, I feel it is best to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day rather than Columbus Day. According to an article titled “Why Columbus Day Courts Controversy” from the History Channel, Columbus forced the conversion of Indigenous people to Christianity, and on his first day in the New World, he enslaved six Natives. His arrival to the Americas also led to the spread of several diseases that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Indigenous people. 

According to an article published by The Washington Post titled “Here are the Indigenous people Christopher Columbus and his men could not annihilate,” Columbus and his men abused hundreds of thousands of people by using sex and labor slavery. On one account, Columbus stated that young girls ages 9-10 were in large demand. On another account, Columbus and his men slaughtered men, women, children and even babies and placed bets on how many hits it would take to kill them. 

Due to this, I feel it is disrespectful to celebrate a man who enabled many atrocities and a mass genocide to occur. Instead, we should honor Indigenous lives and realize the value they hold. We should also honor and remember the millions of Indigenous people that were killed. We must celebrate Indigenous lives and learn from them. We can do so by reading books by Indigenous authors, listening to Indigenous artists, and looking into the cultures of Indigenous people. 


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Principal addresses safety concerns Fri, 19 Nov 2021 14:28:33 +0000 On Nov. 14, 2021, Southwest principal John Matzen sent an email regarding a reference to violence on Snapchat. The Snapchat was reported with the LPS green safe to say button. LPS Security contacted the Lincoln Police immediately and they fully investigated the report. 


The police contacted the individual to make sure there were no potential threats to any Southwest students or staff. Matzen assured in his email that there was no active threat to anyone and that extra precautions were being taken to make sure the day ran smoothly.


“I want to be clear – there is no active threat towards Southwest High School,” Matzen said. “We will have extra support from LPS Security and Lincoln Police tomorrow to ensure a regular day of teaching and learning at school.” 


Matzen additionally provided some general guidelines for ethical social media use on any social media platforms to avoid negative consequences in the future.


  • Think before you post. Be safe, respectful and responsible citizens. 
  • Even if you post something privately everything online is public and what is considered “private” can be shared easily. When you post, are you thinking about your future self and how it will affect you? College admissions and employers can see what you’ve posted in the past. 
  • Any threat of violence will be taken seriously and investigated. Anyone who posts about violence could face legal action. 

If you see something on social media that’s concerning, tell a trusted adult immediately. If you have something you want LPS to know you can always use the LPS safe to say green button on the website.

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